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The most hip and durable shoes for baby’s, Toddlers and kids you can find at Dancing on the moon. We are standing for quality, sustainable and a hip design. All our shoes suffice to the standards of babyshoes. Our moons are 100 % leather and handmade. Now they can discover all places in a hip and responsible shoe. The feet are protected and get space to move freely. The leather sole give good grip on a surface. Our moons have a great fit and little ones can’t pulling them out by themselves. Some moons of our new collection have a flexsole. (size M & L). Now the can make their first steps. They can wear our flexsole shoes till size (eu) 22.

When you like to order a pair of moons, you get this in a storage bag. Wherever you go, you can always bring your moons with you. When you don’t know wich size you have to take, take a look at our size chart. 

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